Gunnar Nylund strombergshyttan large b936 glass vase 1950's modernist Swedish design using the sommerso technique
A large and slender Modernist swedish mid-century vase designed by Gunnar Nylund for strombergshyttan
Tall, thin glass vase from Strombergshyttan designed by Gunnar Nylund, 1950's
Gunnar Nylund large vase from Strombergshyttan, handmade using the Sommerso technique from Venice
Gunnar Nylund 'Sommerso' Vase
A Large purple Sommerso vase designed by Gunnar Nylund for strombergshyttan, Sweden, in an organic Modern form
Lilac purple glass vase from strombergshyttan Sweden by Gunnar Nylund
Gunnar Nylund 'Sommerso' Vase
Detail of mouth of Gunnar Nylund strombergshyttan vase
strombergshyttan Sommerso vase designed by Gunnar Nylund detail of mouth
A large purple vase designed by Gunnar Nylund and handmade using the Sommerso technique
Modernist glass tall vase designed by Gunnar Nylund for strombergshyttan, Sweden, 1950's
Detail of Gunnar Nylund strombergshyttan Sommerso glass purple vase with clear glass foot
Detail of glass base of Gunnar Nylund Sommerso vase from strombergshyttan, Sweden, 1950s
Detail of crystal clear glass foot of Gunnar Nylund Sommerso strombergshyttan vase 1950s
Gunnar Nylund 'Sommerso' Vase
Gunnar Nylund 'Sommerso' Vase
Base of Gunnar Nylund Strombergshyttan modernist glass vase showing engraved signature B936
Group image of Modernist Scandinavian glass objects including Gunnar Nylund Strombergshyttan vase, Lisa Pape Iittala vase and Nanny Still purple vase

Gunnar Nylund 'Sommerso' Vase

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Gunnar Nylund is best known for his long and notable career designing ceramics for Rörstrand, where his innovative designs earned the company widespread acclaim during the mid-20th century.

During the years 1953-1956, he expanded his creative repertoire by delving into the world of glass design for Swedish company Strömbergshyttan. His creations from this period consist of soft, organic forms with a clean & elegant aesthetic.

Among Nylund's work for Strömbergshyttan, his designs crafted using the Venetian 'Sommerso' technique are most desired by collectors. These exquisite pieces, which feature strikingly elongated proportions, showcase a captivating interplay of colours with their hued inner layer encased within a crystal-clear glass cocoon.

This slim purple vase is one of the tallest of Nylund's 'Sommerso' designs and perfectly demonstrates the grace & Modernity of his artistic vision.

Series Name: ‘Sommerso'

Model Number: B936

Designer: Gunnar Nylund

Manufacturer: Strömbergshyttan

Year of Design: C.1953

Dates Produced: C.1953-60

Colour: Purple, clear

Height: 34 cm, Width: 9.5  cm, Depth: 5.5 cm

Condition: Very good. Some scratches, one small nick to side. (photographed)

Branding: Hand etched ‘Strömbergshyttan B936’