tall straight sided vase by gunnar nylund in natural sunlight
Profile image of a tall Birka vase shape 5 by Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand Sweden
Top view of torpedo shaped vase model number 5 designed by ceramic artist Gunnar Nylund, 1965
Close up view showing mouth of Birka vase and the brown glaze running down inside
Close up of mid-20th century stoneware vase by rorstrand
Head on view showing perfect condition of mouth of gunnar nylund''s model 5 vase decorated in the yellow and brown coloured birka glaze
Underside of ceramic vase by rorstrand showing factory mark with three crowns, artist Gunnar Nylund's initials, country of origin, Sweden, and model number 5
zoomed in view of Gunnar Nylund's Birka glaze which contains hues of brown, yellow and green
Mood shot of a Birka vase glaze contains hundreds of drips or runs. Great piece of mid-20th century scandinavian design
Detail of G Nylund's Birka glaze introduced by Rorstrand in 1965. Colour and texture is typical of mid-twentieth century scandinavian ceramics
mood shot of two mid century scandinavian ceramic vessels made by Rorstrand sweden, vase on left by Gunnar Nylund, bowl on right by carl harry stalhane
stunning textual mid-20th century scandinavian stoneware vase designed by Swedish ceramic designer Gunnar Nylund

Gunnar Nylund 'Birka' Vase

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 A tall, torpedo shaped 'Birka' vase by Gunnar Nylund for the Swedish ceramic factory Rörstrand.

The name 'Birka' refers to the glaze on this vase. The shape, which is model number 5, was also used for the 'Alpina' (gray/blue glaze) and 'Rubus' (blue/brown glaze) series. These 3 series of glazes share the same forms and were all designed in 1965. 

The 'Birka' glaze itself is visually very detailed, and features hundreds of organic lines in many hues of yellow and brown. The surface is predominately matte but particular areas do have lustre. Some refer to the 'Birka' glaze as "owl's feathers", and although smooth to the touch, the glaze appears highly textural. 

Model Number: ‘Birka’ 5

Designer: Gunnar Nylund

Manufacturer: Rörstrand

Year of Design: 1965

Dates Produced: 1965-1970

Colour: Brown, yellow

Height: 16.5 cm, Diameter: 7.5 cm

Condition: Perfect. Glaze extends beyond base so marked second.

Branding: Incised with Rörstrand logo, ‘GN’, ‘Sweden’ & model number ‘5’.