Gunnar Nylund ARO bowl, 1950's Scandinavian design from Rörstrand, Sweden
1950's Gunnar Nylund elliptical bowl, ARO, 1950's design from Sweden
1950's ARO brown ochre glaze bowl designed by Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand, Sweden
Unusual Modernist design bowl designed by Gunnar Nylund for Rörstrand, Sweden, 1950's
Rörstrand Sweden large ARO bowl designed by Gunnar Nylund, with a dripping brown and mustard ochre yellow glaze
Brown mustard yellow glaze on a Gunnar Nylund Swedish Modernist ceramic bowl, 1950's, model name ARO
Detail of wonderful ochre yellow glaze, Gunnar Nylund ARO bowl.
Glaze of Gunnar Nylund unusual Rörstrand bowl
Dappled glaze on Gunnar Nylund ceramic bowl, showing signature mark. "Rorstrand GN Sweden ARO"
Gunnar Nylund Rorstrand Sweden pottery marks, "R" three crowns logo, "GN" "Sweden" "ARO"
Mid Century elegant "ARO" bowl designed by Gunnar Nylund, Rörstrand, 1950's
Gunnar Nylund ARO ceramic bowl with mustard ochre brown glaze, 1950's
Two Gunnar Nylund similar decorative bowls, model name "ARO", produced by Sweden's leading ceramics manufacturer, Rörstrand
Gunnar Nylund brown ARO bowl, 1950's design from Sweden
Wonderful ochre brown glaze on Gunnar Nylund Rörstrand bowl, collectable ceramics from 1950's Sweden.
Nordic studio pottery bowl from Rörstrand, designed by Gunnar Nylund, 1950's, model name: ARO
Two Gunnar Nylund bowls with flared rim, one ARO with ochre glaze, one Rörstrand miniature in brick red. Collectable vintage designs from Sweden.

Gunnar Nylund 'ARO' Bowl

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An ellipse-shaped bowl designed by Gunnar Nylund for Rörstrand, Sweden, circa 1955. 

This bowl's swooping form reflects Rörstrand's elegant & influential output during the 1950's; the golden age of Swedish design. The distinctive shape is both fluid and beautifully proportioned, and demonstrates Nylund's organic approach to Modernism. 

The bowl features a varied chocolate brown glaze and has a silky matte finish. The rim is highlighted with vibrant tones of yellow ochre, whilst the brown & mustard colours blend into soft vertical lines across the whole piece, pooling into dapples at the bowl's centre.

Nylund was the artistic director at Rörstrand for more than 30 years, in which time he helped to establish the factory as a formidable leader in Scandinavian ceramics. This piece comes from one of the most celebrated periods of Nylund's career. 

Model Number: ARO

Designer: Gunnar Nylund

Manufacturer: Rörstrand

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955-60

Colour: Brown, Orange, Yellow

Width: 16 cm, Depth: 12 cm, Height: 7.5

Condition: Very good, Factory First. Some wear to the base in the form of tiny ‘fleabites’, please see images.

Branding: Incised with Rörstrand mark, ‘GN Sweden’, and model number 'ARO'