Modernist Swedish glass "Pegasus" moneybox or piggy bank designed by Goran Warff in the form of a horse, Pukeberg, 1960s
detail of 1960's glass Pegasus horse moneybox designed by Goran Warff for Pukeberg Sweden
Goran Warff Pukeberg 'Pegasus' glass piggy bank in the form of a horse, 1960's Modernist Seedish glass design
Modernist glass money box from Pukeberg Sweden in the form of a horse
Glass Moneybox from Pukeberg Sweden, designed by Goran Warff
Goran Warff Swedish Primative glass money box designed in 1962 for Pukeberg
glass moneybox in the form of a horse designed by Goran Warff 1962
Goran Warff Pegasus glass moneybox from the Swedish Primitive movement, 1960's
Rare Pukeberg 'Pegasus' glass moneybox in the form of a horse, designed by Goran Warff 1962
Göran Wärff 'Pegasus' Moneybox
Pukeberg bubbly glass 'Pegasus' money box by Goran Warff
Erik Hoglund People decanter with Goran Warff Pegasus piggybank, Important Swedish modernist glass design from the 'Swedish Primative' movement, 1960's
Goran Warff detail of horse head 'Pegasus' moneybox
Goran Warff Pegasus glass moneybox designed by Goran Warff 1960's Swedish Modernist glass

Göran Wärff 'Pegasus' Moneybox

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A 'Pegasus' glass money box designed by Göran Wärff for Pukeberg C.1962. 

The early 1960's were an incredibly exciting time for Swedish glass as the long-standing national aesthetic of clean lines & fluid beauty were denounced in favour of a bold new style with roots firmly grounded in crafts & nature.

This organic approach to Modernism greatly resonated with the Swedish public of the 1960's, with the movement's artists & designers such as Erik Höglund becoming household celebrities & nothing less than iconic.

Göran Wärff's 'Pegasus' moneybox comes from this significant moment in the history of Swedish glass. The distinctive design features a rounded body, hand-blown from 'seeded' or 'bubbly' glass. This textural glass, achieved by oxygenising the molten gather with organic materials such as potato peel, gives the object a uniquely organic depth & character. 

The objects character is further enhanced by the tool-worked head; a skilled glassblower has perfectly captured the essence of a horse with just a few simple gestures. Although abstract, the head has been brilliantly & confidently sculptured; this is a particularly fine example of this rare design. When paired with the exaggerated balloon-like body, the overall effect is an incredibly striking decorative object for the home with exquisite proportions & a tangible handmade quality. 

Designer: Göran Wärff

Manufacturer: Pukeberg

Year of Design: 1962

Dates Produced: C.1962-64

Colour: Grey

Height: 11 cm, Width: 11.5 cm, Depth: 9.5 cm

Condition: Perfect