A wonderful none matching assortment of 3 mid 20th century modernist vases by british ceramic designer glyn colledge, inspired by friend Tibor Reich
Overhead view of a trio of british mid-twentieth century studio pottery vases designed by Glyn Colledge for Denby Langley Pottery in the 1960s
The bases of three pottery vessels design by Glyn Colledge for denby Langley. Two vases are stamped with Langley Windmill and name and 'England'
28 cm tall, large cylindrical flower vase in the Sycamore pattern designed by Glyn Colledge for Denby
interior image of green glazed sycamore vase by glyn colledge for denby langley pottery 1963 to 1965
head on view of a large, wide mid 20th century plant pot in the sycamore pattern designed by glyn colledge for Denby, England
a vintage 1960s plant pot hand painted in the sycamore pattern designed by glyn colledge for Denby Pottery
Image of glaze flaw on rim of vintage 1960s plant pot by denby pottery
A plant pot on its side to show the interior of the vessel and its green glaze
Atomic age inspired mid-century vase with sgraffito decoration designed by Glyn Colledge for Denby Pottery Derby England 1960
mid century british vase with colours of green, brown, red, black and white. Decoration is hand painted and hand inscised
Group shot of a collection of scare Glyn Colledge designs from the Sycamore series designed circa 1960, Deby England
Denby Langley Pottery

Glyn Colledge Trio of 'Sycamore' Vessels

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A trio of vessels in the 'Sycamore' pattern designed by Glyn Colledge, circa 1960. All three of these robust shapes are hand painted stoneware objects. This is what Colledge is best remembered for. However, having only been in production between 1963 & 65, examples of this pattern are rare.

Much more frequently seen are 'Glyn Ware' and 'Glynbourne Ware', produced in the 1960s & 70s. These fluid patterns, inspired by British flora & folk art, show the influence of Glyn's tutor (from 1933), Gordon Forsyth -the renowned ceramicist & educator who, at Burslem School of Art, also taught Susie Cooper, Clarice CliffCharlotte Rhead.

In comparison to the leafy series mentioned above, the 'Sycamore' pattern is more greatly concerned with the aesthetics of mid-twentieth century Modernism. The hand painted and hand incised sgraffito decoration, features vibrantly coloured shapes inspired by atomic particles and patterns.

Although inspired by the precise geometric forms found in science, this pattern is also warm and charming thanks to the honesty of the designs' application. Lines are allowed to be irregularly placed and thicker blobs of glaze are crackled. 

Model Name: ‘Sycamore’ 

Designer: Glyn Colledge 

Manufacturer: Denby Langley Pottery 

Year of Design: C. 1960

Dates Produced: 1963-65 

Colour: Green, white, red, blue, black, white

Heights: 28, 14, 13 cm, Diameters: 10, 5.5, 13 cm

Condition: Excellent. Please note glazing flaws photographed.

Branding: Two tallest pieces stamped with ‘Langley England’ & windmill logo.