Gerd Bøgelund's hand-thrown stoneware vase, a unique piece of Danish studio pottery.
Gerd Bøgelund's unique iridescent glaze vase, a standout in mid-century Scandinavian ceramics and Nordic design.
Gerd Bøgelund's 1960s bulbous vase from Royal Copenhagen, a masterpiece of Nordic design.
Gerd Bøgelund's East Asian techniques shine in this mid-century Scandinavian ceramics piece. The bulbous shaped vase stands on a turned wood Chinese stand.
Gerd Bøgelund's East Asian-influenced vase, a notable piece in twentieth-century Danish ceramics.
Gerd Bøgelund's 1960s ball vase from Royal Copenhagen, a highlight of mid-century Scandinavian ceramics.
Gerd Bøgelund's bottle moon jar, a beautiful piece of Nordic design from Royal Copenhagen.
Gerd Bøgelund's oxblood glaze vase, a prime example of mid-century Scandinavian ceramics.
Gerd Bøgelund's Royal Copenhagen moon jar from the 1950s, a standout in 20th-century Danish ceramics. For sale in London.
Gerd Bøgelund's artist-in-residence vase from Royal Copenhagen, a true masterpiece of Danish studio pottery.
Gerd Bøgelund's sang-de-boeuf vase, a unique piece in 20th-century Danish ceramics.
Gerd Bøgelund's Joseon dynasty-inspired moon jar, a standout piece in Danish studio pottery.
Gerd Bøgelund's Korean-inspired moon jar, showcasing her skill in mid-century Scandinavian ceramics.
An exquisite oxblood glazed vase by Gerd Bøgelund, who's ceramics were collected by King Gustaf VI.
Gerd Bøgelund's oxblood glaze vase from Royal Copenhagen, a prime example of twentieth-century Danish ceramics.
Mouth opening of Gerd Bøgelund's deep red glaze vase from Royal Copenhagen, a stunning example of mid-century Scandinavian ceramics.
Gerd Bøgelund's nature-inspired decorations on this vase exemplify Nordic design.
View of signature on base of Gerd Bøgelund's Royal Copenhagen vase with three waves logo and  gb monogram, a  unique mid-century Scandinavian ceramic art piece.
Gerd Bøgelund's unique ball vase in amongst other pieces of Danish studio pottery. Each item photographed is a rare mid-century Scandinavian ceramic art piece.
Royal Copenhagen

Gerd Bøgelund Unique Bottle Moon Jar

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A sensationally satisfying unique ball vase or bottle moon jar designed and made by Gerd Bøgelund at Royal Copenhagen in the 1950’s or 60s.

Bøgelund’s career in ceramics started in 1942 at Royal Copenhagen, whilst she was still a student. Following this, she briefly worked at Saxbo (1943-45) and Søholm (1945-46) before returning to Royal Copenhagen. From 1946 onwards Bøgelund was Artist in Residence at Royal Copenhagen, her work was exhibited widely, and collected by King Gustaf VI of Sweden.

Gustaf VI was a connoisseur of ceramics, particularly Chinese pottery, and it was perhaps Bøgelund’s experimentation with East Asian forms and glazes that attracted him to her work. In addition to expressing herself using East Asian techniques, Bøgelund drew inspiration from nature which also influenced the forms she worked but more evidently manifest in the decorations she applied, which often incorporated incised patterns.

This bulbous vase in our opinion is more greatly motivated by East Asia than nature. The shape, hand-thrown using stoneware clay, and with surprising heft, is reminiscent of a bottle moon jar, a traditional Korean form from the Joseon dynasty, 1392–1910.

The vase’s iridescent deep red glaze is also related to East Asian, being demonstrative of a sang de boeuf / oxblood recipe, which first appearing in Chinese porcelain at the start of the 18th century.

Designer: Gerd Bøgelund

Manufacturer: Royal Copenhagen

Year of Design: 1950s or 1960s

Date Produced: Circa 1960

Colour: Red, purple, black, grey, gold, brown, orange, blue

Diameter 11 cm, Height: 11.5 cm

Condition: Perfect. Please note manufacturing flaw in foot.

Branding: Hand-painted with three blue waves for Royal Copenhagen factory, and painted with with Gerd Bøgelund's monogram ‘gb’.