Erik Höglund strombergshyttan Tjur vase 1992
Postmodern red glass Erik Hoglund Tjur vase with face 1991
Erik Höglund 'Tjur' Vase
Erik Höglund 'Tjur' Vase
red glass vase with face designed by erik hoglund for strombergshyttan
detail of Erik Hoglund tjur vase
ear detail of Erik Hoglund postmodern Tjur vase
Erik Hoglund bull vase from Strombergshyttan, Sweden
Postmodernist glass vase designed by Erik hoglund
Erik Hoglund postmodern Tjur bull vase with a face and ears or horns
Post modern glass vase designed by erik hoglund in the shape of a bull
Erik Höglund 'Tjur' Vase
Erik Höglund 'Tjur' Vase
Erik Höglund 'Tjur' Vase

Erik Höglund 'Tjur' Vase

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The popularity of Erik Höglund's highly individual works in glass reached a sensational peak during the 1960's when his unique style was hugely successful for the Boda glassworks in Sweden. Many designs from this period, along with Höglund himself, have become enduring icons of Swedish modernism.

Höglund left the Boda glassworks in 1973, not returning to glass until the 1980's. Although Höglund's work is deeply rooted in a specific kind of modernism, some of his most striking and artistically successful designs are his interpretation of the post-modern aesthetic, some of which are as equally revered and iconic as his earlier work.

This decorative hand-blown vase is from the 'Tjur' (Bull) series of 1992, and features the opaque red face of a bull-calf encased within clear glass. The calf's ears extend beyond the rim of the vase, and have been tooled by hand to convey a softness. 

This striking piece is an example of Höglunds successful experimentation with colour and form during the Post-Modern period. 


Series Name: ‘Tjur’

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Strömbergshyttan

Year of Design: 1992

Dates Produced: 1992-3

Colour: Red, Black, Clear

Height: 20 cm, Diameter: 14 cm

Condition: Perfect. Some air bubbles in face.

Branding: Unsigned