Modernist Swedish design by Erik Hoglund, an amber bubbly glass 'People' decanter
Swedish Modernist amber glass 'people' decanter by Erik Höglund, handmade at Boda glassworks
Erik Hoglund amber glass 'People' decanter from Boda, Sweden, 1960's
Modernist Erik Hoglund glass 'People' decanter from Boda Sweden
Amber bubbly glass 'People' decanter by Erik Hoglund, and iconic Mid Century Modernist Swedish design
Modernist Scandinavian 'People' decanter by Erik Hoglund 1960's handmade from amber glass at Boda
Erik Hoglund amber 'People' decanter, an iconic Scandinavian glass design from the 1960's
Erik Hoglund and Goran Warff bubbly glass objects from Sweden including a 'People' decanter and 'Pegasus' money box
Erik Hoglund 'People' decanter detail showing face stopper
Detail of handmade quality of Erik Höglund amber bubbly glass 'People' decanter
Detail of handmade glass decanter by Erik Hoglund, Boda, 1960s
Iconic Modernist Swedish design from Erik Höglund, a 1960's amber glass 'People' decanter
Erik Hoglund amber glass 'People' decanter 1960's with removed stopper
Erik Hoglund small male 'people' decanter with removed glass stopper
Erik Hoglund face stopper for amber glass 'People' decanter, Boda, Sweden, 1960's
Erik Höglund Male People Decanter
Bottle decanter designed by Erik Hoglund in the form of a person
Erik Hoglund amber glass bottle decanter with 1960's paper Boda Sweden sticker
Erik Höglund Male People Decanter
Erik Hoglund Boda Sweden 1960's Sticker

Erik Höglund Male People Decanter

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Erik Höglund's 'people' decanters were first made in 1955 at Boda, Sweden, and are arguably his most famous work. This amber male variant was handmade circa 1960 and features Höglund's signature 'bubbly' glass. The decanter's proportions, distinctive face, hand-crafted quality & rich amber colour make this a truly wonderful addition to any home.

Höglund became a key figure in the success of Swedish glass during the mid-20th Century. He developed his distinct style during the 1950's, taking inspiration from simple shapes & primordial forms. His work was often figural, and can be described as abstract, rustic and honest.

Model Number: H327

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C.1955

Dates Produced: C.1955-65

Colour: Amber

Height: 20 cm, Width: 9 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Signed with model number. Partial paper ‘Boda’ sticker.