Large Erik Hoglund yellow brick ashtray
large erik Hoglund brick ashtray depicting an impressed bull motif
rare Erik Hoglund brick ashtray for Boda, Sweden.
A collection of Erik Hoglund Boda Sweden stamped trays, including a rare triangular example and a red dish with cat motif
Large and heavy Erik Hoglund Boda glass tray
Huge Erik Hoglund dish from Boda Sweden
Large Erik Hoglund yellow ashtray with bull motif
Heavy Erik Hoglund yellow brick ashtray
Large and heavy Erik Hoglund rare brick tray with stamped bull motif
rear view of Erik Hoglund stamped bull glass ashtray from Boda, Sweden
Rear of Erik Hoglund bull ashtray

Erik Höglund Heavy Brick Vessel

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A large Erik Höglund vessel brick with a stylised bull motif stamped into the bowl. 

Höglund designed a number of small dishes in 1957, each with a stamped motif and usually depicting an animal or face. These playful, colourful trays are some of the most well-known objects produced at the Boda glassworks in Sweden. This ashtray is related to these much-loved items, but an unusually large and heavy example.

The exaggerated form has been poured into a mould and then hand-worked to create grooves at the rim. The depth of this item allows it also to be sturdily placed on its side, to display the image within.

This object is very characteristic of Erik Höglunds work. He developed his distinct style during the 1950's, taking inspiration from the simple forms found in primordial artefacts.

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C.1957

Dates Produced: C.1957

Colour: Yellow

Width: 9.5 cm, Depth: 8 cm

Condition: Perfect