1950s engraved vase designed by erik hoglund with ants and insects sheltering from the rain
modernist swedish glass vase designed by erik hoglund showing insects and an abstract geometric pattern
rare erik hoglund engraved vase from boda glassworks, sweden
erik hoglund scandinavian engraved vase with insects
rare geometric engraved glass vase from boda sweden designed by erik hoglund
vintage 1950s glass vase engraved with geometric pattern and ants designed by erik hoglund
close up image of wheel engraved glass insect on erik hoglund 1950s vase
close up detail of engraved glass insects on a vase designed by erik hoglund sweden
detail of engraved glass insect designed by erik hoglund for boda sweden
swedish modernist engraved vase with geometric pattern designed by erik hoglund 1950s
detail shot of engraved abstract tribal pattern on swedish glass vase from boda designed by erik hoglund 1955
detail of geometric pattern hand engraved on erik hoglund swedish vase
side view of scandinavian swedish vase
stickered erik hoglund rare engraved vase with insects and ants with geometric tribal pattern from the 1950s
underside of erik hoglund cylindrical vase
engraved signature on boda sweden vase designed by erik hoglund h729
hand engraved detail of insects designed by erik hoglund
Erik Höglund Engraved Insects Vase

Erik Höglund Engraved Insects Vase

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A rare engraved vase designed by Erik Höglund for Boda, Sweden, circa 1955. 

The charming idiosyncratic characters that often feature in the work of Erik Höglund are nowhere better exampled than on his wheel-engraved pieces. These illustrative works often feature simplistic figures, primordial beasts and ancient geometric patterns, all roughly grazed into the surface of the glass in a free and expressionistic manner.

This piece displays a narrative scene; a convoy of insects shelter from the rain beneath a canopy of leaves. The loose geometric patterns around the vase depict the endless cycle of evaporation and precipitation.

Erik Höglund developed his distinct style during the 1950's, taking inspiration from simple shapes & primordial forms. His work was often figural, and can be described as abstract, rustic and honest.

The popularity of Erik Höglund's highly individual works in glass reached a sensational peak during the 1960's. Much of his work, along with Höglund himself, have become enduring icons of Swedish modernism.

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C. 1955

Dates Produced: C. 1955

Colour: Clear

Height: 12 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

Condition: Very Good. Small graze on rim.

Branding: Boda sticker and hand etched with ‘Boda H.729/1293 125’