Rare Boda Smide Brutalist forged iron coat hook by Erik Hoglund, 1960's
Boda Smide Brutalist Swedish coat hook designed by Erik Höglund, 1960's
Erik Höglund Coat Hook
Stained blue pine ball on Boda Smide cast iron coat hook by Erik Hoglund, 1960's
Erik Hoglund Boda Smide iron coat hook with painted pine, inspired by antique artefacts
Erik Hoglund rare pine and iron coat hook from the Bods Smide workshop, Sweden
Erik Hoglund Brutalist Swedish iron coat hook hook, handmade at Boda Smide
Erik Höglund Coat Hook
Modernist Swedish forged iron coat hook with pine ball designed by Erik Hoglund for Boda Smide, Brutalist design inspired by historical artefacts
Erik Hoglund Boda Smide large iron coaqt hook 1960s
Erik Hoglund Boda Smide stamp mark on rare large coat hook with pine ball
Erik Höglund Coat Hook
Erik Höglund Coat Hook
Erik Höglund Coat Hook
Erik Hoglund large pine and forged iron coat hook designed in the 1960's in the Brutalist style
Boda Smide

Erik Höglund Coat Hook

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An architectural coat-hook designed by Erik Höglund for Boda Smide, Sweden, C.1965.

When Boda glassworks expanded during the 1960's to include workshops for wood & metal, their designers were granted the freedom to delve into new materials and explore their creative potential.

Erik Höglund's distinctive aesthetic found a perfect match in the raw qualities of iron; the rustic charm and handmade appeal associated with Höglund's work could be achieved in metal with outstanding results.

This Brutalist coat-hook embodies Höglund's handwriting and distills many facets of his aesthetic into one striking design. Höglund was often inspired by antique or ancient artefacts, and the scale & severity of this wonderful object gives the impression that it belongs to a castle or ancient inn. 

Höglund was often inspired by Swedish folklore, with animals & beasts being a prominent feature of his work. This design features a hammered backplate consisting of two large curls that resemble the horns of a ram.

The design's attractive finial consists of a wooden sphere intended to hang hats. This large pine ball, produced by Boda's carpentry workshop, is stained blue in an unexpected but wholly brilliant fashion. This thoughtful touch is masterly, and brings this rustic design out of history and into a contemporary interior setting.

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda Smide

Year of Design: C. 1965

Dates Produced: C. 1965

Colour: Grey, blue

Height: 27 cm, Width: 15.5 cm, Depth: 18 cm

Condition: Very good with minimal signs of use

Branding: Stamped ‘BODA'