Modernist Scandinavian glass design by Erik Hoglund, Boda, Sweden, a rare Carborundum teal blue large vase
Elegant Erik Hoglund glass design, an early Swedish Carborundum glass 'Blue Bubbles' vase in teal blue, Boda, Sweden
Large Modernist Erik Hoglund Boda 1950's Swedish vase
Modernist Scandinavian glass vase from Sweden, designed by Erik Höglund in the Swedish Primative style
Large mid century Modern Erik Hoglund glass vase 1950's
Detail of Erik Hoglund large carborundum teal blue glass vase from Boda, Sweden
Detail of rare Scandinavian glass vase by Erik Hoglund
Erik Hoglund Carborundum detail of rim
Erik Hoglund Carborundum glass vase from Boda, Sweden, detail of bubble inclusions in the glass
Erik Hoglund Carborundum silicon carbide infused glass with glitter
Erik Hoglund Carborundum rare and collectable Scandinavian glass vase with glitter in the glass
Highly collectable Modernist Scandinavian design vase by Erik Hoglund 'Carborundum' series 1955
Boda Sweden teal blue glass modernist vase deisgned by Erik Hoglund in 1955 'Blue Bubbles'
Group of rare Erik Hoglund glass Carborundum Modernist vases from Boda, Sweden
elegant glass 'Carborundum' vase by Erik Hoglund for Boda, Sweden, 1955
Mid Century Modern Scandinavian glass design by Erik Hoglund, a 'Carborundum' blue vase from 1955
Erik Höglund Carborundum Bottle Vase
Erik Hoglund etched signature on blue Carborundum vase

Erik Höglund Carborundum Bottle Vase

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A large, early 'Carborundum' vase by Erik Höglund, designed circa 1955 for Boda, Sweden.

This exquisite bottle-shaped vase is part of an experimental series by Höglund in which silicon carbide was added to the molten glass. This technique gives the glass an unconventional depth of character with an even covering of tiny metallic speckles.

Höglund designed a collection of elegant free-blown shapes for his new glass recipe, all of which are now highly collectable. This tapered 'bottle' design is particularly stylish and is one of the largest in the series.

The 'Carborundum' series was one of Höglund's earliest works for the Boda glassworks and the playful, informal approach to design set the stylistic precedent for his celebrated career.

The experimental series was first presented to the public in 1956 as 'Blå Bubblor' (Blue Bubbles) and was only in production for a short time.

Model Name: ‘Carborundum’

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C.1955

Dates Produced: 1956-8

Colour: Blue-Grey

Height: 29.5 cm, Diameter: 12.3 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Etched Signature