Profile image of a Hoglund bottle made using the half-post meth of glassmaking by Boda, Sweden circa 1960
Image showing an Erik Hoglung bottle upside down to illustrate its rustic and honest form
Close up of the walking bull pressed into the circular seal applied to erik hoglund bottle made by Boda Sweden circa 1960
Erik Höglund Bottle w. 'Bull' Seal
Close up showing hand etched signature on the base of a hand blown bottle by swedish designer erik hoglund. Mark reads Boda H210
Erik Hoglund bottle laying down, design features a seal embossed with a walking cow or bull
Image of a mid-century clear glass bottle by erik hoglund in natural sunlight
Mood shot showing brilliance of glass used in the production of erik hoglund glass bottle featuring bull
Group shot of 5 clear glass bottles designed by eric hoglund for boda in the 1960s
top view of erik hoglund bottle with primitive cow or bull seal

Erik Höglund Bottle w. 'Bull' Seal

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A hand-blown bottle with an applied seal stamped with a bull, designed by Erik Höglund, circa 1960 for Boda, Sweden. 

The pressed image of a walking bull is surprisingly naturalistic for Höglund, but the bottle itself is quintessential of his work, which was often inspired by the rustic ancient forms he greatly admired.

It's not only the honest shape & applied seal that relate to antique bottles, but also the techniques involved in its production. Namely, the bottle has been made using the half-post method.

Model Number: H210

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C.1960

Dates Produced: C.1960-70

Colour: Clear

Height: 13.5 cm, Width: 14.5 cm, Depth: 8.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Hand-etched ‘Boda H210’.