Rare Erik Hoglund glass and pine "Acorn" storage jar for Boda, Sweden
An Erik Hoglund green "Acorn" jar containing limes
a detail of Boda Trä Swedish Pine grain, on an Erik Höglund storage jar
A rare 1950's Erik Hoglund glass acorn container
A large Erik Hoglund green glass and Swedish pine storage container in the shape of an acorn.
A pine acorn shaped lid by Erik Hoglund, produced at Boda workshop in Sweden
detail shot of pine wooden lid on a vintage Erik Hoglund 1960s jar
A rare green glass Erik Hoglund jar from Boda Sweden
Erik Höglund Acorn Jar
Erik Höglund Acorn Jar
Erik Höglund Acorn Jar
Erik Höglund Acorn Jar
Erik Höglund Acorn Jar
Erik Höglund Acorn Jar
Large green Erik Hoglund storage jar with pine acorn lid
A still life mood image showing vintage Erik Hoglund storage jar and vase with limes and mint

Erik Höglund Acorn Jar

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A glass & pine storage jar in the form of an acorn, designed by Erik Höglund for Boda, Sweden, circa 1960.

Erik Höglund is one of Sweden's most celebrated glass designers and a key figure in the success of Swedish glass during the mid-20th Century. 

His design output was not limited to glass, however, and the popularity of his designs in wood resulted in the Boda glassworks expanding in the early 1960's to include a woodworks, Boda Trä. The workshop utilised the strong traditions of woodworking in the village, employing local craftspeople and using local Swedish timber rather than importing fashionable teak from abroad. The workshop is best known for producing Erik Höglund's wooden candlesticks, utensils and furniture. 

Early pieces often combined wood with glass. This large storage jar dates from around 1960, and combines staved pine with hand-blown green glass. The jar is in the whimsical, organic shape of an acorn. The lid has an impressively lively grain, which is further enhanced by the joins in the staved wood.

Model Number: H708

Designer: Erik Höglund

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C.1960

Dates Produced: C.1960-63

Colour: Green

Height: 26 cm, Width: 15 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Signed ‘H 708/160’, Partial Sticker.