Modernist Erich & Ingrid Triller Tobo pale yellow Bauhaus inspired studio pottery vase, handmade in Sweden c1950's
Pale yellow vase by Tobo Triller in spherical form
Bauhaus inspired ceramics from Erich Ingrid Tobo Triller, a pale yellow spherical vase
A group of Modernist Scandinavian ceramics from Tobo Triller, Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg and Jens Quistgaard Dansk
Tobo Triller pale yellow vase 1950's, with poppy
Pale yellow small Triller Tobo spherical vase with poppy
Tobo Triller vase with matte yellow glaze, Swedish Modernist design from the 1950's
Scandinavian Modernist studio pottery from Sweden, a Tobo Triller yellow spherical vase inspired by Bauhaus
Bauhaus ceramics by Erich and Ingrid Tobo Triller, handmade in Sweden. A pale yellow spherical vase
Pale yellow stoneware small vase from Tobo Triller, Sweden
Erich & Ingrid Triller Spherical Vase
Erich & Ingrid Triller Spherical Vase
Erich & Ingrid Triller Spherical Vase
Erich & Ingrid Triller Spherical Vase
Erich & Ingrid Triller Spherical Vase
Tobo Triller mark signature 1950's
Swedish studio pottery marks from Tobo Triller
A group of Modernist Swedish stoneware vases from Erich Ingrid Tobo Triller, 1950's displaying geometric Bauhaus inspired forms

Erich & Ingrid Triller Spherical Vase

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A spherical vase with matte yellow glaze, produced by Erich & Ingrid Triller at their studio in Tobo, Sweden, 1950's. 

The geometric form of this stoneware vase pairs perfectly with the simple & beautifully understated matte glaze; the spherical shape and elegant pale-yellow colour reflect the harmonious marriage between Bauhaus & Swedish Modernism.

Erich & Ingrid Triller studied ceramics in Germany where they were influenced by the Bauhaus movement. They established their own Swedish studio in 1935 where the influence of Bauhaus not only informed their precise shapes & clean geometry, but also the production method.

By paying special attention to the work process, documenting each firing, the duo gained full control over the kiln to eliminate 'surprises' & inconsistencies. Although all items from the Tobo studio are entirely handmade, this attention to the firing process, and their commendable skill as potters, allowed the studio to create clean, exquisite ceramics with a Bauhaus 'factory' finish. 

Designer: Erich & Ingrid Triller

Manufacturer: Tobo

Year of Design: C.1950

Date Produced: C.1950

Colour: Yellow

Height: 8 cm, Diameter: 8 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Hand painted ‘Triller Tobo’ signature.