A small plumber's bobbin stood atop a larger bobbin. These antique tools were used for mending lead pipes. Today they are beautiful sculptural display pieces that evoke the work of famous mid century Modernists such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore.
Detail shot showing the impressive wood grain on a pair of lignum vitae plumber's bobbins.
A none matching pair of early twentieth century plumber's bobbins made from lignum vitae. The pleasing egg shape of these objects makes them lovely desk accessories.
A small wooden egg shaped bobbin stood on top of a larger lignum vitae plumber's bobbin. These antique tools are fantastic display pieces and desk ornaments.
A large antique lignum vitae bobbin laying on its side next to a small plumber's bobbin. Both turned wooden objects boast a beautiful rich honey coloured patina.
Detail image showing a large organically shaped plumber's bobbin that in the early twentieth century was used for clearing and straightening lead pipes. Fantastic British antique.
Aerial shot showing two organically round egg shaped bobbins that make great Modernist sculptures.
Close up showing a small antique plumber's bobbin made by Monument of London. The turned lignum vitae object has a nut brown coloured stripe running down it.
A small lignum vitae bobbin stood atop a larger plumbers bobbin. Both are a golden honey colour with nut brown stripes.
Zoomed in image showing age related wear to an antique plumber's bobbin made from lignum vitae. These British antique collectors items and many more are available to buy from Art & Utility, London.
Detail showing the glorious grain and colours in lignum vitae wood. These antique items are available for world wide shipping from Art & Utility, London.
Aerial shot looking down on two lignum vitae plumber's bobbins. The shape of the objects are very pleasing to the eye and the naturally oily wood is extremely tactile.
A large lignum vitae wood plumber's bobbin. Lignum vitae is the densest wood traded which makes it perfect for use as tools.
Two lignum vitae plumber's bobbins laying on their sides. The holes drilled through them allows a rope to be attached. Once on a rope these hard ball objects were pulled through lead pipes to remove dents and kinks.
Early-20th Century

Duo of Sculptural Plumber's Bobbins

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A little & large duo of sculptural plumber's bobbins, made in England, circa 1908.

Originally, these egg-shaped objects would have sat on a rope and been pulled through lead pipes to remove any dents & irregularities.*

Both organically shaped bobbins are turned from solid lignum vitae, the densest wood traded that also boasts a fantastic grain.

Years of use and the self-oiling nature of the wood have further enhanced their aesthetic appeal and tactility as they have both built a wonderful patination.

*See a plumber's bobbin on a rope in the Science Museum, London.

Manufacturer: Smaller one made by Monument of London.

Year of Design: C. 1908

Colours: Yellow, brown, black

Height: 11 cm, Diameter 9 cm / H: 6 cm, ⌀ 5 cm

Condition: Very good, some age related wear that only enhances.

Branding: Smaller one stamped 'Monument' and with the company's logo featuring the monument to the fire of London.