Straight on shot of an opulent Swedish Grace bronze platter designed by Einar & Sune Bäckström
Head on shot of a scrolling neoclassical handle on Swedish Grace bronze platter by Einar & Sune Bäckström, 1934.
Detail of the scrolling handle on a Swedish Grace brons bronze platter with carrying handles . Designed and made by Einar & Sune Bäckström, Sweden, c. 1934.
Einar & Sune Bäckström Bronze Platter stood atop a linen table cloth, the backdrop is also a neutral linen fabric.
Top down view of a large circular charger or platter with two carrying handles, designed by Einar & Sune Bäckström, around 1934.
Top down image looking into the dish of a bronze platter or charger with scroll carrying handles. The design, by Einar & Sune Bäckström, is inspired by neoclassicism and art deco.
Artistic image showing the verdigris on a bronze platter with carrying handle. The design, inspired by neoclassicism and Art Deco Modernism, is part of the Swedish Grace Movement.
Image of a Greek banquet that is using large platters that are reminiscent of the work of Einar & Sune Bäckström in bronze
Straight on shot of a Swedish Grace bronze platter by Einar & Sune Bäckström. The 80 - 90 year old item has a beautiful patina, including verdigris.
Detail of verdigris on a bronze platter with scroll handles. This Art Deco period design is in the Swedish Grace style and was created by Einar & Sune Bäckström.
Head on shot looking into the subtlety concave dish of a Einar & Sune Bäckström bronze platter. The brons metal has great patina.
Head on shot looking directly into the bowl of a large circular tray made of solid cast bronze. This item was made by Einar & Sune Bäckström in Malmo, Sweden, in the 1930s.
Head on image of a Einar & Sune Bäckström Bronze Platter stood upright. This Swedish Grace design and many other Nordic collectibles are for sale in London from design gallery Art & Utility.
Top down view of the underside of a large circular dish with two handles. The tray is solid cast bronze and was produced by Swedish brothers Einar & Sune Bäckström in the 1930s.
Zoomed in image showing the beautiful way in which scrolling handles attach to a circular dish. The design is by Einar & Sune Bäckström, who made Swedish Grace bronze accessories in the 1930s.
Close up of the rectangular sleigh feet on a large circular bronze dish or platter by Einar & Sune Bäckström.
View of the underside of a large circular bronze tray or platter or charger designed by Einar & Sune Bäckström. The design mixes the best of neoclassical design with Art Deco.
Head on shot of the stamped makers mark on the underside of a bronze platter by Swedish brothers Einar & Sune Bäckström.
Detail showing the makers marks of Einar & Sune Bäckström on the reverse underside of a bronze Swedish Grace platter.
Side view of a large heavily patinated bronze platter by Einar & Sune Bäckström of Malmo, Sweden. This is a highly collectible piece of Swedish Grace design, for sale in London.
Detail of the edge of a bronze dish by Einar & Sune Bäckström. The high quality of craftspersonship is typical of Swedish Grace design from the 1930s.
Low down shot of the sleigh feet on an Einar & Sune Bäckström bronze platter, made in the first half of the 20th century, Sweden.
Detail of a flowing scroll handle on an Einar & Sune Bäckström Swedish Grace bronze platter or charger
AN Einar & Sune Bäckström advertisement from 1934
Einar Bäckströms Metallvarufabrik

Einar & Sune Bäckström Bronze Platter

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A large solid bronze platter with scroll handles, designed and made by brothers Einar & Sune Bäckström, Sweden, circa 1934.

Combined, the date, material, large size, and design, of this tray make it a highly unusual piece. Wooden trays became fairly commonplace in the mid-twentieth century, when front- and backstages merged. However, sizeable trays from the Art Deco period, which weren’t for drinks, are few and far between. That said, this tray isn’t for transporting a family meal from the kitchen to the dining room. Rather, this object is intended to showcase something special, be that exotic fruit or fine confectionery. 

This opulent objects function takes inspiration from antiquity, when theatrics were expected. The aesthetics of the tray are also inspired by classicism, which then fully reveals this piece as part of the Swedish Grace movement.

The design of this large, subtly concave, circular dish is straightforward yet extremely elegant. Typical of Swedish Grace design, the tray's simple lines are enhanced by exquisite details and subtle nods to ancient motifs. For instance, the perfect angular connection between the dish and the carrying handles, before the handles flow off to wrap around the poles at the terminus, brings to mind the platters used at banquets in Ancient Greece.

Being made of solid cast bronze, this item could be used when and however one fancied, but it also looks fantastic empty as a decorative piece.

Designer: Einar & Sune Bäckström

Manufacturer: Einar Bäckströms Metallvarufabrik

Year of Design: C. 1934

Date Produced: C. 1934

Colour: Brown, gold, green

Height: 6 cm, Width: 47 cm, Depth: 36 cm

Condition: Excellent. The patina is exquisite.

Branding: Stamped ‘BRONS BÄCKSTRÖMS 9025'