Mid-Century Modernist Scandinavian studio pottery large handmade unique vase by Carl-Harry Stalhåne
Modernist form of handmade studip ceramic vase designed and handmade by leading Scandinavian ceramicist Carl-Harry Stalhåne
Scandinavian Studio pottery, detail of thickly applied brown glaze with incised pattern beneath the glaze, Carl-Harry Stalhane
Thickly applied brown on Carl-Harry Stalhåne unique vase
Handmade unique Brutalist studio pottery from Sweden, Carl-Harry Stalhane brown tall vase with incides pattern produced at the atelier of Rörstrand
Large Carl-Harry Stalhane unique vase from Sweden
Rörstrand Atelier unique studio pottery vase handmade by Carl-Harry Stalhane
Base of unique Carl-Harry Stalhane vase
Carl-Harry Stalhane unique production mark from Rörstrand, Sweden, 1962
Modernist Studio Pottery vase handmade at Rörstrand, Sweden, 1960s, organic design from Carl-Harry Stalhåne
Rörstrand Sweden large unique brown thickly glazed Scandinavian studio pottery vase by Carl-Harry Stalhane, 1962
Unique Carl-Harry Stalhane brown large vase from Rörstrand Atelier, Sweden, 1960's Mid-Century Modernist design.
Mid-century modernist Swedish stoneware vase, unique design handmade by Carl-Harry Stalhane
Unique Modernist Swedish stoneware tall vase designed and handmade by Carl-Harry Stalhane, 1962
Carl-Harry Stålhane Unique Vase
Modernist Brutlist ceramics from Sweden, a large vase designed by Carl-Harry Stalhåne, 1960's
Large Carl-Harry Stalhåne vase handmade at Rörstrand atelier, 1962, displaying an organic aesthetic
Detail of unique vase by Carl-Harry Stalhåne
Unique Carl-Harry Stålhane stoneware pottery vase from Sweden
Carl-Harry Stalhane large unique vase, produced in the atelier at Rorstrand, Sweden, 1960's
Mid-Century Scandinavian large handmade unique vase by Carl-Harry Stalhåne, a detail of incised pattern
Detail of impressed pattern on unique Rörstrand Sweden studio pottery Carl-Harry Stalhane vase
Large Unique handmade studio pottery from Rörstrand, Sweden, a brown vase by Carl-Harry Stalhåne
Modernist Scandinavian studio pottery vase handmade by Carl-Harry Stalhåne for Rörstrand
Group image of earthy organic stoneware studio potter vases by Carl-Harry Stalhåne, Mike Dodd and Micki Schloersinck

Carl-Harry Stålhane Unique Vase

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A large unique vase designed and handmade by Carl-Harry Stålhane in the Atelier at Rörstrand, Sweden, 1962.

The Rörstrand factory is famed for exquisite glazes, graceful forms, and their notable influence on the aesthetics of the mid-20th Century Scandinavian home. While Rörstrand's popular mass-produced items are renowned for their quality and style, it's the atelier's hand-thrown creations that provide a more intimate glimpse into the artistic visions of their designers.

This tall vase embodies the stylistic elegance associated with Rörstrand and the designs of Carl-Harry Stålhane, but its character is notably more earth-like and organic due to the thickly applied glaze and expressively incised decoration; the large vase displays Stålhane's renowned precision & mastery of form, yet embodies the beautiful handmade rusticity of studio pottery.

Unique Model Number: *186

Designer: Carl-Harry Stålhane

Manufacturer: Rörstrand

Year of Design: 1962

Date Produced: 1962

Colour: Green, brown, yellow, red, black, grey

Height: 29.5 cm, Diameter: 10 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with Rörstrand crown logo, date ‘62', ‘C H Stalhåne’ & model number ‘186’.