Carl Harry Stalhane post-Rorstrand experimental handthrown porcelain oxblood glazed bowl made at the Designhuset workshop in Lidkoping Sweden, in the Early- to Mid-1970s.
A unique Carl Harry Stalhane porcelain bowl hand-thrown and hand-glazed by Carl-Harry-Stålhane himself in around 1975 at his studio named Designhuset (Design House) in the small town of Lidkoping, Sweden.
A thin hand turned white porcelain bowl made by Carl Harry Stalhane the walls of this highly decorative and richly glazed unique piece have buckled organically in the kiln.
A unique Swedish art bowl in red and purple ox-blood glaze, design by Carl Harry Stalhane, circa mid-1970s.
Ariel view of a Carl Harry Stalhane sang de boeuf ox blood ceramic bowl which comes accompanied by a hand-signed certificate which denotes the model number for this unique bowl is geo34. Available from online design gallery Art & Utility London.
Top view of a Post-Rorstrand Carl Harry Stalhane hand-thrown ceramic bowl designed and made at Designhuset in Lidkoping, Sweden, in the 1970s. Worldwide shipping offered by Art & Utility, London.
A sang de boeuf ox blood glazed Swedish ceramic bowl designed and made by hand by Carl Harry Stålhane -most noted for his career at Rorstand from the 1940s.
A unique one-off art piece with its original handwritten certificate the work of Carl Harry Stålhane at Designhuset
Carl Harry Stalhane hand-signed certificate listing the details of the-type clay used, the type of glaze, and the temperature at which the Swedish art object was fired.
Hand-signed certificate confirming the authenticity age and process behind a unique Carl Harry Stalhane porcelain bowl with red oxblood glaze.
Close up showing the underside of sang de boeuf ox-blood glazed ceramic bowl handthrown by Swedish designer & potter Carl Harry Stalhane.
A unique Carl Harry Stalhane bowl from the mid-70s. Made following Stålhanes exit from the historic and famous Swedish porcelain manufacturer Rörstrand.
Detail showing the depth of an experimental deep-red Sang de boeuf ox-blood glaze on a unique Carl Harry Stalhane bowl, Sweden circa 1975.
A rare unique Swedish ceramic bowl in the ancient Chinese sang de boeuf ox blood glaze designed by Carl Harry Stalhane -formally of Rorstrand porcelain factory.
An experimental Carl Harry Stalhane piece with wobbly walls that have warped in the kiln. The organic shape of the ceramic bowl contributed to the charming feeling this and other handmade objects possess.
A unique Carl Harry Stalhane bowl hand-thrown and-hand glazed by Carl Harry Stalhane at his studio called Designhuset, which Stalhane set up following his retirement from Rorstrand, Sweden.
A sang de boeuf ceramic bowl by Carl Harry Stalhane complete with its hand-signed certificate with information written that supports the notion that the bowl was the result of an experiment.
An experimental Carl Harry Stalhane piece made from delicate feldspar porcelain and featuring a deep rich oxblood red and purple glaze with speckles of cobalt blue and flecks of white.
Close up of the thin porcelain rim of an oxblood glazed porcelain bowl made by Carl Harry Stalhane, one of twentieth century Sweden’s most prolific ceramic designers.
Carl Harry Stalhane ox-blood bowl fully hand-signed by Carl-Harry Stålhane and featuring hand-written model number which read ‘GEO34’.
Mood image of a rare 1970s Swedish ox-blood glazed porcelain ceramic bowl hand-thrown by Carl-Harry Stalhane stood on top of an ancient Chinese wooden stand.

Carl-Harry Stålhane Unique Oxblood Bowl

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This unique porcelain bowl was hand-thrown by Carl-Harry Stålhane in around 1975. The experimental piece, made from feldspar porcelain, features  a deep oxblood glaze with highlights of cobalt and contrasting areas of white. The thin, hand-turned porcelain walls of this highly decorative piece have buckled organically in the kiln, contributing to the sense of a handmade experimental object. 

Remarkably, the bowl retains its handwritten certificate, which is signed by Carl-Harry Stålhane himself. The certificate is not only a confirmation that the bowl is unique, but also details the type of ceramic, the type of glaze, and the temperature at which it was fired. The information included on the certificate supports the notion that the piece was produced as an experiment. The certificate carries the number 'GEO 34', which corresponds to the bottom of the bowl. 

When Carl-Harry Stålhane left Rörstrand in 1973 he founded Designhuset, an experimental workshop based in Lidköping, Sweden, and it's here that this object was produced. The workshop was active for 15 years and produced unique hand-thrown objects alongside the production utility homewares and figures. There was an emphasis on experimentation at Designhuset; Stålhane's unique handmade objects were thrown from various clays and decorated with innovative glazes. 

Designer: Carl-Harry Stålhane

Manufacturer: Designhuset

Year of Design: C. 1975

Dates Produced: C. 1975

Colour: Red, purple, blue, white

Diameter: 12.5 cm, Height: 6 cm

Condition: Very good. Some scratches to underside.

Branding: Painted with Stålhane's Designhuset mark, along with ‘700’ and ‘GEO 34’


The object includes an original certificate, hand-signed by Carl Harry Stålhane. The certificate ‘Unik Bevis’ (Unique Evidence) confirms that the bowl is a unique object.