Large vintage Boda Smide handmade tree of life "Helicon" candle holder candelabra designed by Bertil Vallien
Bertil Vallien large "Tree of Life" Helicon chandelier, designed and produced at Boda Smide, Sweden, 1970
Detail of Bertil Vallien leaf on tree of life candelabra, 1970's, buy in UK
Boda Smide Bertil Vallien vintage 1970's sticker on "Tree of Life" hanging candelabra
Mid Century Modern wrought iron candelabra 'Tree of Life' designed by Bertil Vallien, a stickered vintage example from Boda Smide 1970's.
Detail of hand wrought iron handmade leaves on Bertil Vallien "Helicon" chandelier candelabra
detail of Bertil Vallien Tree of life candle holder sconce with clear glass bead
Bertil Vallien Tree of Life wrought irion branches chandelier candelabra, designed in the 1970's and produced at Boda Smide
Vintage Bertil Vallien Tree of Life chandelier, handmade from iron at Boda Smide
Boda Smide Bertil Vallien large wrought iron candelabra in the shape of a tree, 1970's Swedish design
1970's vintage design from Sweden, a Bertil Vallien "Helicon" candle chandelier in the shape of a tree with leaves and glass beads
Bertil Vallien Helicon Tree of Life candle chandelier, vintage Swedish design from the 1970's
Bertil Vallien Boda Smide iron tree candelabra ceiling light in the shape of a tree
Bertil Vallien large tree candle holder candelabra, handmade at Boda Smide, Sweden, 1970s
Bertil Vallien "Tree of Life" Chandelier
Bertil Vallien "Tree of Life" Chandelier
Bertil Vallien "Tree of Life" Chandelier
Zoomed in image showing a clear glass helicon chandelier crystal on a Bertil Vallien Tree of Life candle chandelier.
Modernist Bertil Vallien "Tree of Life" candle holder
Detail of metal candle sconce with dangling glass beads, Bertil Vallien
Chandelier by Bertil Vallien, 'Helicon', a detail of candle sconce and glass bead
Vintage wrought iron Swedish tree branch candle holder chandelier designed by Bertil Vallien, 1970's, handmade at Boda Smide
Tree of Life chandelier candle holder by Bertil Vallien, hanging design from Boda Smide
Boda Smide hanging Tree of Life candelabra by Bertil Vallien, 1970's
Mid Century Swedish 1970's Bertil Vallien candle holder chandelier, available to buy in London
Tree of Life rare hanging candle holder designed by Bertil Vallien, 1970s
Boda Smide

Bertil Vallien "Tree of Life" Chandelier

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A large iron candle chandelier in the form of a tree, designed c.1970 by Bertil Vallien as part of his 'Helicon' series and handmade at the Boda Smide workshop, Sweden. This desirable series is also known amongst collectors as "Tree of Life".

Boda was one of Sweden's leading glass manufacturers in the 20th Century, with their designers - particularly Erik Höglund and Bertil Vallien - making a sizeable impact on the aesthetics of the mid-century Scandinavian home. In the early 1960's, the glassworks expanded to form wood & metalworking departments, Boda Trä and Boda Smide, and each resident designer fully embraced the opportunity to explore new materials.

Bertil Vallien's collaboration with Boda's metal workshop produced arguably his most enduring work. Vallien fully embraced the raw nature of the material, iron, to create striking objects with an ancient handmade quality, and he often looked towards nature and folklore to inform his designs.

This large chandelier features four candle sconces which are supported by wrought iron tree branches. These branches feature decorative leaves which are hand-finished with hammered details, and the whole piece features a textured surface to enhance its handcrafted nature. At the end of each tree branch hangs a clear glass medallion, to catch the light when candles are lit. The chandelier, intended to hang above a dining table, features three extension hooks to adjust the height.

Bertil Vallien's iron tree-branch candle holders have remained popular since their introduction in the 1970's, yet this hanging example is rarely seen. 

Designer: Bertil Vallien

Manufacturer: Boda Smide

Year of Design: C. 1970

Dates Produced: C. 1970-80

Colour: Black

Width: 53 cm, Height: 37 cm, Depth:  10 cm

Maximum height (with all three hooks) 90cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: 'Boda Smide' sticker