Pair of Bertil Vallien sculptural yule goat candlesticks with candles inserted
Front on view showing the faces of Bertil Vallien's sculptural goat candle holders made by Boda
Pair of goat candlesticks with lit candles inside. Nordic design by Bertil Vallien for Boda Glassworks, Sweden
A side view of goat chamberstick candle holders by Bertil Vallien
Scattered pair of candlestick holders by Bertil Vallien for Boda Sweden
Pair of clear glass goat candlestick holders, by Boda Sweden, stood on top of each other
Close up of the manufacturers mark, sticker reads Handmade Boda Sweden
Lifestyle shot of a pair of clear crystal Swedish goat candlesticks containing lit candles
Close up of a high quality clear crystal candlestick in the form of a goat with a lit candle in use. Design by Bertil Vallien for Boda, Sweden, 1970s
Two scandinavian goat candlesticks positioned looking at each other. Photo shows how handmade handles are unique
Pair of mid-twentieth century swedish candlesticks designed glass sculptor Bertil Vallien circa 1975

Bertil Vallien Goat Chambersticks

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A pair of goat candle holders designed by Bertil Vallien for Boda Glassworks, Sweden, circa 1975. The main body of the glass goats are formed in a mould, whilst the horns are applied by hand.

These highly idiosyncratic candlesticks are quintessential of Vallien's work. Although he has designed hundreds of pieces for domestic use, Vallien is more of a sculptor who works in glass, rather than a designer of glassware. One of his biggest inspirations are the innumerable myths and legends of Sweden, and in other cultures.

The goat depicted in these candlesticks is specifically the Yule goat, whose origin dates back to ancient Pagan festivals. In Sweden, some believe the Yule goat to be an invisible spirit that appears before Christmas to make sure that holiday preparations are being done correctly. The goat eventually took on the role of a gift giver and is sometimes seen in place of, or alongside, Santa. A popular Christmas prank is to make a Yule goat out of straw or wood and then place it in a neighbour’s home without them noticing; the pranked family are then obliged to get rid of it in the same way!

More on the history of the Yule goat

Designer: Bertil Vallien

Manufacturer: Boda

Year of Design: C. 1975

Dates Produced: C. 1975-79

Colour: Clear

Height: Each 10 cm, Width: 12 cm, Depth: 6 cm 

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Boda Sticker