Boda Smide modernist iron candle holder or candelabra designed by Bertil Vallien, 1960s, Sweden
Modermist Scandinavian candelabra made from iron designed by leading Scandinavian designer Bertil Vallien and produced at Boda Smide, Sweden
Mid Century Modernist candle holder from Boda Smide, Sweden, designed by Bertil Vallien
Detail of iron handmade candelabra with metal balls designed by Bertil Vallien for Boda Sweden
Vintage iron candle holder designed by Bertil Vallien with decorative metal balls
Iron Candle sconce for Bertil vallien handmade Boda Smide candelabra design
Modernist Scandinavian homewares a Bertil Vallien handmade iron metal candelabra from Boda Smide with balls Sweden
Mid Century Modernist Scandinavian metal candelabra designed by Bertil vallien for Boda Smide 1960s with white taper candles
Detail of white taper candles in Boda Smide handmade modernist rustic metal brutalist candelabra designed by Bertil vallien
Handmade Bertil vallien candelabra candle holder handmade at Boda Smide Sweden
Mid Century Scandinavian designed candle holder or candelabra by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide 1960s brutalist homewares
Modernist Bertil Vallien handmade iron scandinavian candelabra from Boda Smide 1960s
Bertil Vallien Boda Smide stamp mark
Bertil Vallien Candle Holder
Bertil Vallien Boda Smide stamp mark 1960s on candelabra
Bertil Vallien Candle Holder
Boda Smide

Bertil Vallien Candle Holder

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An iron candelabra, designed by Bertil Vallien and produced at Boda Smide, Sweden, in the 1960's. 

Boda was one of Sweden's leading glass manufacturers in the 20th Century, with their designers - particularly Erik Höglund and Bertil Vallien - making a sizeable impact on the aesthetics of the mid-century Scandinavian home.

In the early 1960's, the glassworks expanded to form wood & metalworking departments, Boda Trä and Boda Smide, and each resident designer fully embraced the opportunity to explore new materials.

Bertil Vallien's collaboration with Boda's metal workshop produced, arguably, his most enduring work; the vintage objects sit so comfortably in a contemporary interior setting. Vallien fully embraced the raw nature of the material, iron, to create striking objects with an ancient handmade quality.

This two-sconce candelabra is honest and sturdy. Each metal candle holder is embellished with an inverted 'club' shape, from which dangles a decorative iron ball. The object is supported by a circular foot, which has been decoratively hammered.

Designer: Bertil Vallien

Manufacturer: Boda Smide

Year of Design: C. 1963

Dates Produced: C. 1963-73

Colour: Grey

Height: 23 cm, Width: 21 cm, Depth: 11.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Stamped ‘Boda’ on base and sconce.