Lead image of a candelabrum or candelabra designed by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide, Sweden, 1960s.
Close up showing the plinth on which sit candles on this candelabrum with clear glass hurricane lampsahdes. The design is by famous mid-20th century Swedish designer Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide.
Head on detail showing the circular carrying loop or handle fitted at the centre of an iron candelabrum designed by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide. The loop allows the candlestick holder to be carried outdoors and in.
Straight on shot showing the two symmetrical arms or branches on a black metal candelabrum designed by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide, the metal workshop related to Kosta Boda Glassworks.
Far away shot of a Bertil Vallien candelabrum or candelabra made by the expert metalworks of Boda Smide. The two clear glass hurricane lampshade were handblown at Kosta Boda glassworks.
A straight on mood image showing a Bertil Vallien candelabrum complete with two lit dinner candles. The candles sit behind clear glass hurricane shades which shelter them from the wind. This means this item available from Art & Utility London, could be used outside on the garden table on the patio.
Head on shot of the circular foot of a black metal hand forged iron candelabrum designed by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide. This collectable piece of midcentury modern design was made in the 1960s.
Top down view of the circular foot on a Bertil Vallien candelabrum made by Boda Smide. The iron displays hammering.
A picture looking into a candelabrum with a clear glass shade in the form of a tulip flower. The design is by the prolific Swedish designer Bertil Vallien. Buy this collectible piece of mid twentieth century design and many others from Art and Utility, London. Who ship to Japan and all other countries in East Asia.
Close up of the plinth into which fits a tea light candle. This candelabrum which is fitted with hurricane lampshades for use outdoors is by Bertil Vallien, one of Swedens most famous designers.
A deconstructed candelabrum by Bertil Vallien. The candelabra's glass hurricane lampshades stand to the left of the hand-forged black iron candelabrum.
Detail showing chips and nibbles on the glass shades belonging to a candelabrum by Bertil Vallien.
Image showing light, none offensive, none distracting damage on lampshades belonging to a Bertil Vallien candelabrum.
A candelabrum laying on its side. the Base of the candlestick faces towards the camera and the makers mark is legible. The stamp reads' BODA'.
Detailed close up showing the makers mark on the underside of a Bertil Vallien candelabrum. The stamp of the manufacturer reads 'BODA' for Boda Smide.
Artful image showing a tall black iron candelabrum with two glass shades stood atop a pale beige linen table cloth. The design is by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide.
A lit candelabrum by Bertil Vallien for Boda Smide. This candlestick holder is intended to be used with tea light candles and can be carried from room to room by the circular loop in the centre.
Detail showing how two lit candles sit within bulbous glass shades on this mid century swedish candelabrum designed by Bertil Vallien.
Zoomed in image showing a canlde behind a clear glass hurricane lampshade shaped like a tulip flower. This design is by Bertil Vallien. The candelabrum is stable enough for outdoor use.
A mood image showing a mid century Swedish candelabrum by Bertil Vallien stood on a linen tablecloth next to a tall smokey brown coloured glass vase and a squat ceramic vessel of considerable age.
Boda Smide

Bertil Vallien Candelabra w. Lampshades

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A hand forged iron candelabra with glass shades, designed by Bertil Vallien and produced at Boda Smide, Sweden, in the 1960's. 

Boda was one of Sweden's leading glass manufacturers in the 20th Century, with their designers - particularly Erik Höglund and Bertil Vallien - making a sizeable impact on the aesthetics of the mid-century Scandinavian home.

In the early 1960's, the glassworks expanded to form wood & metalworking departments, Boda Trä and Boda Smide, and each resident designer fully embraced the opportunity to explore new materials.

Bertil Vallien's collaboration with Boda's metal workshop produced, arguably, his most enduring work; the vintage objects sit so comfortably in a contemporary interior setting. Vallien fully embraced the raw nature of the material, iron, to create striking objects with an ancient handmade quality.

This two-sconce candelabra is honest and sturdy. Each metal candle holder sits within a concentric ring which in turn support clear glass shades. The addition of hurricane lampshades means this item could be used outside as well as indoors. To aid the items transition between outdoors and in, Vallien has equipped the design with a carrying loop. Echoing this loop, is the circular foot of the candelabra which features a hammered finish.

Designer: Bertil Vallien

Manufacturer: Boda Smide

Year of Design: C. 1963

Dates Produced: C. 1963-73

Colour: Black

Height: 32 cm, Width: 31 cm, Depth: 14.5 cm (diameter of base)

Condition: Very good. Just expected chips to the bottom rim of glass shades. The workshop left bottom rims unpolished.

Branding: Base stamped ‘Boda’.