A Bertil Vallien large blue vase from the 1960s
A large blue hooped vase by Bertil Vallien
A large Bertil Vallien vase from his Blue Series
A detail of a hooped Blue Series vase by Bertil Vallien
Upturned Bertil Vallien blue series large blue vase
Blue Series hooped vase by Bertil Vallien on its side
A large Swedish blue vase by Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien 'Blue Series' Large Vase

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Pieces from Bertil Vallien's imaginative 'Blå Serien' (Blue Series) perfectly encapsulate the joy and excitable optimism of the 1960's. 

This substantial vase was designed in 1965 by Vallien at Boda-Åfors, Sweden. It displays well due to the undulating form and rich blue colour, and will accommodate a large bunch of flowers with ease.

Series Name: ‘Blå Serien’ (Blue Series)

Designer: Beril Vallien

Manufacturer: Boda-Åfors

Year of Design: 1965

Dates Produced: 1965-68

Colour: Blue

Height: 19.5 cm, Diameter 17 cm

Condition: Perfect