Berndt Friberg Gustavsberg turquoise blue aniara large bowl, 1960's Swedish studio ceramics.
Large Berndt Friberg aniara turquoise bowl, handmade at Gustavsberg studio, Sweden, 1962
Berndt Friberg large blue bowl with intricate dappled glaze and flared rim, Gustavsberg art studio, 1962
Gustavsberg Berndt Friberg detail of intricate dappled and speckled navy blue & turquoise glaze, 1960's, Sweden
Swedish studio pottery bowl by master potter Berndt Friberg, featuring a vibrant blue aniara glaze and beautiful shape. Handmade at Gustavsberg Art Studio 1962.
Fine studio pottery from Gustavsberg, 1960s, Berndt Friberg. A bowl with deep blue and aqua glaze.
Berndt Friberg Aniara blue glaze
Detail of navy blue and turquoise aniara glaze from Berndt Friberg, Sweden, 1960's
Berndt Friberg detail of dappled intricate blue glaze
Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl
Berndt Friberg large aniara glaze glossy bowl with aqua blue, navy and turquoise glaze.
Interior of Berndt Friberg large speckled blue glaze bowl displaying intricate masterful glazes, 1960's, Gustavsberg Sweden
Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl
Berndt Friberg incredible glaze on large blue bowl from Gustavsberg Sweden
Inky sapphire glaze on Berndt Friberg large stoneware bowl from Gustavsberg Sweden
Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl
Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl
Berndt Friberg mark signature 1962 Gustavsberg studio hand mark
Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl
Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl
Berndt Friberg inky blue and turquoise glaze on a large footed bowl, handmade at Gustavsberg art studio in 1962

Berndt Friberg Turquoise Bowl

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Berndt Friberg's ceramics for Gustavsberg are some of the finest examples of wheel-thrown pottery of the 20th century. His stunning portfolio of work is characterised by intricate glazes, exquisite forms, and an unsurpassed level of skill & craftpersonship.

This vibrant footed bowl was handmade by Friberg in 1962, and features a beautifully dappled glaze of turquoise, cobalt & navy.

The upper section of this piece is dominated by the bright turquoise glaze, which gradually merges into navy blue. The complimentary glazes blend at the bowl's waist, creating delicately feathered areas of depth & high contrast. The nuanced navy glaze is rich & inky with subtle areas of cobalt blue, and covers two thirds of the bowls exterior. The lower part returns gently to a light turquoise glaze, but here the colours gently merge with delicate organic speckles. 

The bowl's interior reflects the glorious exterior and perfectly illustrates the complexity of Friberg's choice of intricate glaze. Predominantly navy, the captivating interior features dappled & feathered areas of aqua-blue with a large freckled pool at the bottom. 

The shape and proportions of this exceptional bowl beautifully showcase Friberg's mastery as a potter. With its high walls, graceful foot, and gently flared rim, it evokes a sense of timeless elegance reminiscent of ancient Chinese ceramics, which served as a significant source of inspiration for Friberg's artistic vision. The homage to these classical influences adds further reverence and depth to this remarkable piece of studio pottery.

Designer: Berndt Friberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: 1962

Dates Produced: 1962

Colour: Turquoise, navy, blue

Diameter: 11.5 cm, Height: 8.2 cm

Condition: Very good with a light scratch to glaze.

Branding: Incised with ‘Friberg’ and Gustavsberg hand mark, along with date letter ‘D’ for 1962