Large Berndy Friber 1969 ball spherical vase with haresfur glossy glaze from Gustavsberg studio pottery Sweden
Berndt Friberg large brown glossy ball spherical vase produced at Gustavsberg Sweden
Detail of Berndt Friberg brown speckled green glossy varied glaze on a 1969 large vase
Berndt Friberg Scandinavian large green ball vase handmade in Gustavsberg Sweden 1969
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase
Berndt Friberg large round spherical vase from Gustavsberg Sweden, a beautiful example of Scandinavian studio ceramics  from the 20th century
Berndt Friberg large glossy brown and green bulbous moon vase inspired by korean ceramics
Large Berndt Friberg bulbous spherical vase from Gustavsberg Sweden with glossy brown green dappled glaze, handmade in 1969
Berndt Friberg large spherical vase foot with signature and date letter k 1969
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase
Berndt Friberg mark signature Gustavsberg Sweden 1969 date letter K
Round Spherical ball vase designed by Berndt Friberg and handmade in 1969 at Gustavsberg, a great example of 20th century scandinavian ceramics
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase
Detail of Berndt Friberg green conical mouth on large vase
Berndt Friberg mid 20th century scandinavian studio pottery large vase with brown intricate gloss glaze, produced at Gustavsberg Sweden 1969
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase
Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase

Berndt Friberg Spherical Vase

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Berndt Friberg's ceramics for Gustavsberg are some of the finest examples of wheel-thrown pottery of the 20th century. His stunning portfolio of work is characterised by intricate glazes, exquisite forms, and an unsurpassed level of skill & craftpersonship. 

This substantial vase was handmade by Friberg in 1969, and features a delicate brown-green gloss glaze which blankets the vase in a softly dappled pattern reminiscent of fur. The earthy glaze is gently varied with areas of red, rust-orange and black, alongside speckled areas of pale grey-green.

Like much of Friberg's work, the shape of this piece is inspired by ancient ceramics of the Far East; the squat, rotund form of this vase references antique Korean pottery. The spherical vase, like all of Friberg's ceramics, is beautifully proportioned and although quite large remains light in the hand, testament to Friberg's skill as a potter. 

Designer: Berndt Friberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: 1969

Dates Produced: 1969

Colour: Brown, black, green

Height: 14 cm, Diameter: 13 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with ‘Friberg’ and Gustavsberg hand mark, along with date letter ‘K’ for 1969.