A side view of a collectable Berndt Friberg footed bowl from Gustavsberg, Sweden
Berndt Friberg porcelain bowl from Gustavsberg, Sweden, featuring a green and oxblood 'peachbloom' glaze
A Scandinavian 'Peachbloom' porcelain bowl from Gustavsberg, designed and handmade by Berndt Friberg in 1969. The bowl has a vibrant oxblood interior, speckled with green.
Side view of delicate green and red glaze applied to a Berndt Friberg footed bowl from Gustavsberg, handmade in 1969
side view of a modernist Berndt friberg bowl from Gustavsberg, featuring a 'peachbloom' degrade glaze in olive green and oxblood red
Mood shot showing a group of Berndt Friberg ceramics gathered together on a natural linen tablecloth. The bright colours such as red, green, and purple seem so modern but also ancient.
Aerial image showing a group of Berndt Friberg ceramics in bright red, green, purple, blue. These expertly crafted mid-century Scandinavian ceramics available from Art & Utility, London. Worldwide shipping offered.
Photo showing inside of a Peach Bloom glazed Berndt Friberg ceramic bowl made at the Gustavsberg workshop in Sweden in the 1970s. Discover more Friberg pieces and many other pieces of collectable Swedish and Scandianvian design at Art & Utility, London.
Top down shot looking into the bowl of a Berndt Friberg vessel laying on its side. The interior of this bowl, hand-thrown at Gustavsberg, is the most amazingly rich glaze containing intense colours such as red, blue, green, and brown.
Aerial shot showing the inside of a Berndt Friberg bowl. The form has been hand thrown on a wheel before the sides have been paddled in to create four sides. Meanwhile, the glaze is inspired by ancient peach bloom ceramics from China.
A Berndt Friberg bowl laying on its side. The interior of the bowl has been hand glazed in rich colours of green, brown, blue and red. This intricate glaze explains why Friberg and the Gustavsberg workshop are regarded as leading names in 20th century decorative arts. This key piece of collectable Scandinavian pottery and many other Nordic design pieces available to buy from online design gallery Art and Utility, London.
A Berndt Friberg ceramic bowl in rich Peach Bloom glaze stood atop an antique chinese wooden base. The pairing was made as the red and green, fruit skin like, glaze on ceramic is inspired by ancient East Asian glazes.
Head on image showing a red and green glazed ceramic bowl with a shiney finish stood on top of a turned wooden base. The pottery is by leading Scandinavian ceramicist Berndt Friberg for Gustavsberg. This pairing is considered by many to have produced some of the most remarkable ceramics of the twentieth century.
A head on image showing a curvaceous bowl stood on top of an old chinese turned wooden base. The ceramic vessel was designed and made by Berndt Friberg for Gustavsberg, Sweden. This museum quality collectable piece of Nordic design and many others is avaialble to view in South West London or buy online at Art & Utility.
A Berndt Friberg bowl laying on its side. The vessel was hand thrown on a wheel but the sides were gently pushed in to create a quadratic shape. The foot of the Friberg ceramic is in the brown underglaze typical of Gustavsberg.
Side view of Mid Century Scandinavian bowl by Berndt Friberg at Gustavsberg featuring an olive green ombre glaze
Upside-down Berndt Friberg bowl with peach bloom glaze showing the brown base with Friberg inscribed signature
Bernd Friberg signature makers mark 1969 K on a Gustavsberg Sweden porcelain handmade bowl with olive green glaze
An impressive large group of Berndt Friberg colourful glazed bowls and vases from Gustavsberg, Sweden, made in the 1960s and 1970s
Detail of foot of Berndt Friberg Gustavsberg footed bowl with intricate peach bloom glaze
Detail of Peach Bloom glaze on Berndt Friberg bowl, inspied by ancient Chinese ceramics
Close up image showing the side and edge of a fine hand thrown ceramic bowl made by Berndt Friberg for Gustavsberg. The dappled green and red glaze looks the skin of a peach or apple. Certainly the intricacy of Friberg's pieces help to explain why Gustavsberg are considered the most eminent Scandinavian porcelain manufacturers of the 20th century.
A quadratic handmade bowl by Berndt Friberg for Gustavsberg glazed with an intricate red and green dappled peachbloom glaze inspired by ancient chinese ceramics, this bowl was made in 1969

Berndt Friberg "Peach Bloom" Bowl

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Berndt Friberg's ceramics for Gustavsberg are some of the finest examples of wheel-thrown pottery of the 20th century. His stunning portfolio of work is characterised by intricate glazes, exquisite forms, and an unsurpassed level of skill & craftpersonship. 

This delicate footed bowl was handmade by Friberg in 1969. The bowl's hazy exterior features an earthy-reddish tone which transitions gently into olive green. This complex degredé effect continues inside the bowl, where the saturation is greatly amplified to create highly pigmented areas of turquoise and oxblood red. The intricate glaze is lightly speckled, and pools into the bowl's centre to form a lake of cobalt blue.

The glaze, like much of Friberg's work, takes inspiration from ancient Chinese ceramics. The bowl features a rendition of the highly-desired 'Peach Bloom' glaze of the Kangxi period. The glaze is named as such, as it's reminiscent of a ripening peach. 

The bowl's elegant proportions and narrow-footed form are unmistakingly Friberg. This piece has been gently paddled to create a softly square rim; an unusual technique Friberg applied to both vases and bowls. 

Designer: Berndt Friberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: 1969

Dates Produced: 1969

Colour: Olive, Oxblood

Diameter: 10 cm, Height: 5.5 cm, 

Condition: Perfect.

Branding: Incised with ‘Friberg’ and Gustavsberg hand mark, along with date letter ‘K’ for 1969