Berndt Friberg Gustavsberg studio pottery 'Oxblood' bowl, 1960's
Swedish studio pottery oxblood 'sang de boeuf' bowl, handmade by Berndt Friberg at Gustavsberg, Sweden, 1968
Berndt Friberg 1960s studio pottery red glossy bowl from Gustavsberg studio in Sweden, 1968
Red Gustavsberg Sweden shallow bowl by Berndt Friberg, 1968, featuring a delicately intricate glaze with a pool in the centre of the bowl
An exquisite Berndt Friberg bowl from Gustavsberg, Sweden, with a red oxblood glaze and ancient Chinese inspired form
Berndt Friberg oxblood red stoneware bowl from Gustavsberg with a dark pool of glaze in the middle of the bowl
Berndt Friberg Oxblood Shallow Bowl
Mid Century Swedish studio pottery bowl by Berndt Friberg for Gustavsberg, Sweden, 1968
Berndt Friberg Oxblood Shallow Bowl
Gustavsberg Sweden oxblood bowl by Berndt Friberg, 1960s
Berndt Friberg oxblood glaze bowl from Gustavsberg studio, 1960's
underside of Berndt Friberg oxblood glaze bowl with studiohand signature mark Gustavsberg 1968
Swedish studio pottery marks Gustavsberg Berndt Friberg J 1968
For sale in London Berndt Friberg Gustavsberg oxblood glaze bowl

Berndt Friberg Oxblood Shallow Bowl

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Berndt Friberg's ceramics for Gustavsberg are some of the finest examples of wheel-thrown pottery of the 20th century. His stunning portfolio of work is characterised by intricate glazes, exquisite forms, and an unsurpassed level of skill & craftpersonship. 

This decorative bowl was handmade by Friberg in 1968 and features a richly pigmented 'Sang de Boeuf' or 'Oxblood' glaze.

The 'Oxblood' glaze is technically difficult, and takes inspiration from ancient Chinese ceramics. First used in the early 1700's during the late Kangxi period, 'Oxblood' glazes have been experimentally reproduced by western ceramicists since the 19th Century. 

The glossy 'Oxblood' glaze on this elegant bowl is rich in colour but can also be described as delicate, featuring soft areas of light grey which appear like a gentle mist. These lighter areas are strongest around the bowl's edge, as they enhance the angle of the rim with a fine outline.

The bowl's gentle shape was also inspired by the exceptional nature of ancient Chinese ceramics. The inverted conical form, with distinctly bevelled rim, is reminiscent of ceramics produced during the Jin & Song Dynasties; the latter of which served as a significant source of inspiration for Friberg's artistic vision.

This bowl serves as an exquisite example of the subtlety, refinement and pure elegance of Friberg's wonderful ceramics whilst the tangible homage to ancient China adds further reverence and depth to this remarkable piece of studio pottery.

Designer: Berndt Friberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: 1968

Dates Produced: 1968

Colour: Oxblood, grey, turquoise

Diameter: 9.5 cm, Height: 4.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with ‘Friberg’ and Gustavsberg hand mark, along with date letter ‘J’ for 1968