Berndt Friberg miniature shouldered vase with Oxblood glaze, Gustavsberg, Sweden
Berndt Friberg miniature stoneware vase, handmade in the art studio of Gustavsberg, Sweden
Berndt Friberg Miniature vase with oxblood glaze, Gustavsberg, Sweden 1960's
Group of Gustavsberg Sweden ceramics from Berndt Friberg in a variety of glazes
Berndt Friberg group of vintage Scandinavian ceramics, Gustavsberg, Sweden
Group of collectable Gustavsberg vases by Berndt Friberg, featuring Oxblood and turquoise glazes
Gustavsberg Studio miniature ceramic vase, Berndt Friberg 1960's collectable Scandinavian design
Dappled oxblood glaze on Berndt Friberg miniature vase, inspired by ancient Chinese ceramics
Miniature Gustavsberg vase by Berndt Friberg, handmade in the art studio, 1960's
Miniature vase designed by Berndt Friberg, Gustavsberg Studio
Red and green glaze on Berndt Friberg miniature shouldered vase, 1960's
Gustavsberg Sweden miniature shouldered vase handmade by Berndt Friberg, 1960's
Base of Gustavsberg Studio Berndt Friberg vase with marks
Berndt Friberg miniature Oxblood glaze vase, Gustavsberg Sweden
Mid Century collectable ceramic vase by Berndt Friberg, 1960's, Gustavsberg, Oxblood glaze
Berndt Friberg miniature vase, Gustavsberg, Sweden

Berndt Friberg Miniature Oxblood Vase

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Berndt Friberg's ceramics for Gustavsberg are some of the finest examples of wheel-thrown pottery of the 20th century. His stunning portfolio of work is characterised by intricate glazes, exquisite forms, and an unsurpassed level of skill & craftpersonship. 

Friberg introduced miniature vases during the late 1950's as a way for his celebrated work to be more accessible to the Swedish public. This example was handmade by Friberg in the 1960's, and features a complex degradé 'Oxblood' glaze.

The technically difficult glaze, like much of Friberg's work, takes inspiration from Chinese ceramics; Oxblood, or 'Sang de Boeuf' glazes were first used in the early 1700's during the late Kangxi period. Their rich colour and varied, unpredictable nature is much admired by western ceramicists, who have been experimentally reproducing the glaze since the 19th century. 

Friberg's exquisite rendition of 'Sang de Boeuf' is delightfully dappled & freckled, and contains colourful flecks of green & pale turquoise that work harmoniously with the deep red hue. The textural glaze of this piece features a delicate degradé effect, where the deep red colour fades into light grey towards the vase's shoulder.

Designer: Berndt Friberg

Manufacturer: Gustavsberg

Year of Design: C.1965*

Dates Produced: C.1965*

Colour: Oxblood, turquoise, green, grey

Height: 5 cm, Diameter: 4 cm

Condition: Perfect.

Branding: Incised with ‘Friberg’ and Gustavsberg hand mark. There is no date letter on this piece, possibly due to the scale. 


*We estimate this piece is from the mid-1960's because of the type of glaze.