Vintage Mid-Century 1960's wooden beaded handmade fruit bowl with multicoloured rainbow design
Vintage handmade Czech wooden beaded bowl with multicoloured rainbow beads, 1960's
Retro 1960's wooden fruit bowl styled with lemons
Detail of coloured wooden beads, used to make a fruit bowl
Multicoloured fruit bowl made from coloured wooden beads, 1960's handmade item from Czechia
Detail of coloured beads on wooden handmade bowl, 1960's
Vintage handmade wooden beads bowl, multicoloured design from Czech Republic
Beaded rainbow fruit bowl design from 1960's
Mid Century handmade colourful 1960's wooden beads fruit bowl
Vintage 1960's rainbow wooden beaded handcrafted bowl, Czech Republic
Mid Century Modern 1960's wooden fruit bowl made from many beads, Czech Republic
Retro colourful wooden beads fruit bowl
Base of wooden fruit bowl, 1960's
Mid-20th Century

Beaded Rainbow Fruit Bowl

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Handmade in the Czech Republic during the 1960's, this colourful fruit bowl has been meticulously constructed from hundreds of wooden beads. 

The rainbow design of this piece beautifully reflects the fun-loving era of the 1960's, whilst the timeworn colours & crafted appeal give the bowl a nostalgic quality to enhance any space. The piece conveys the vibrant mid-century style with a delightful handcrafted edge.

The design is intricate, using beads of many different sizes, and features a beaded carrying handle, too.

Manufacturer: Unique item handmade by a skilled craftsperson.

Year of Design: Circa 1960

Colours: Red, brown, green blue

Diameter: 25.5 cm, Height: 7 cm (without handle) 20cm (with handle)

Condition: Very good.