Arne Bang Model Number 12 Bowl. For sale in London from Nordic design gallery, Art & Utility.
Arne Bang Model Number 12 Pot or Vessel. This fine example of Danish studio pottery from the 1940s is glazed in a grey, green, blue, and purple coloured glaze.
Impressively glazed ceramic pot bowl by Arne Bang. One of Denmark leading 20th century ceramicists. Rare 1950s Nordic design.
Green and blue glazed bowl by Arne Bang Denmark
Stoneware bowl by Arne Bang with a green and blue glaze
Top view of glazed Arne Bang studio pottery vintage bowl or vessel
Arne Bang pottery vessel on its side to show interior glaze
Danish studio pottery vessel with green glaze by Arne Bang
Danish stoneware studio pottery vessel with blue green glaze by Arne Bang
Model number 12 vessel by Arne Bang
Upside down model 12 pottery vessel by Arne Bang
Arne Bang pottery AB mark on the bottom of a model number 12 bowl or vessel
A group of Danish studio pottery by Jacob and Arne Bang containing a candle and cactus.
Detail close up shot showing the Organic Modernist glaze on a Model number 12 Arne Bang ceramic bowl.
Arne Bang Studio

Arne Bang Vessel

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A stoneware vessel designed by Danish ceramicist Arne Bang. The vessel features a varied crystalline blue-green glaze.

Bang trained as a sculptor in Copenhagen before establishing a stoneware studio at Holmegaard glassworks in 1930. This item dates from 1935, the year he began to run the studio under his own name.

Model Number: 12

Designer: Arne Bang 

Manufacturer: Arne Bang 

Year of Design: 1935 

Dates Produced: 1935-50 

Colour: Blue, Green 

Height: 7 cm, Diameter: 9.5 cm

Condition: Perfect. Historical records suggest this design may have been sold with a lid.

Branding: Incised marks 'AB 12'