Annikki Hovisaari Miniature brown vase
Vintage Arabia Finland vase Annikki Hovisaari with tar brown ochre glaze. The shape is inspired by Chinese plum vase.
Arabia Finland handmade miniature vase designed by Annikki Hovisaari 1960s
A group of mid-century modernist Scandinavian ceramics including Annikki Hovisaari vase, Rolf Palm vase, and unique Stig Lindberg bowl
Vintage Scandinavian miniature vase by Annikki Hovisaari for Arabia Finland, 1960s
Mid Century Modernist vase by Annikki Hovisaari for Arabia Finland with brown ochre glaze
Detail of Annikki Hovisaari miniature vase
Annikki Hovisaari Miniature Vase
Annikki Hovisaari Miniature Vase
Arabia Finland Annikki Hovisaari signature mark
Annikki Hovisaari miniature vase, detail of brown glaze
Annikki Hovisaari Miniature vase detail of plum shape
Annikki Hovisaari 1960s miniature vase for Arabia Finland with brown ochre glaze

Annikki Hovisaari Miniature Vase

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A Miniature vase by Annikki Hovisaari for Arabia, Finland, C.1960.

Annikki Hovisaari began her career in Arabia’s department of industrial art in 1949, where she predominantly designed decorative items for large scale production. She designed a small amount of handmade items too, including a series of delightful miniature vases with undulating forms.

This vase is part of this series, and features an ochre glaze with tar-like areas of dark brown. The attractive shape takes inspiration from ancient Chinese ceramics; Hovisaari gently exaggerates the form of an ancient 'Meiping' (plum) vase, resulting in a delightful & collectable example of Modernist Nordic design.

Designer: Annikki Hovisaari

Manufacturer: Arabia

Year of Design: C. 1960

Dates Produced: C. 1960-65

Colour: Ochre, brown

Height: 8 cm, Width: 4.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with ‘AH’ monogram for Annikki Hovisaari and faintly stamped with ‘Arabia Made in Finland’.