A head on shot of a large square shaped bottle vase designed and made by Annikki Hovisaari at Arabia Finland in the mid 1960s.
Straight on image showing a large square ceramic bottle vase by Finnish ceramicist Annikki Hovisaari. The vase features an exceptionally deep cobalt blue glaze typical of her bold work.
Annikki Hovisaari square bottle vase hand made from rough textured chamotte clay at the Arabia art department in the mid-1960s. Work such as this secured Arabia's place on the international market and saw Finland win multiple design awards.
Close up of the edge of a bottle vase or pullo maljakko by Annikki Hovisaari. The image shows the rich cobalt blue glaze transitioning to turquoise blue. Hovisaari was a master of glazes in the Arabia Art Department Scandinavian's largest ceramics manufacturer.
Close up showing the corner of a square shaped vase by Annikki Hovisaari the picture shows how the cobalt blue glaze does not cover the entirety of the heavily textured chamotte clay.
Zoomed in image showing the circular opening or mouth of a bottle vase or pullo maljakko designed by Annikki Hovisaari one of the esteemed names in mid-twentieth century Scandinavian design history.
Detail of the base or foot of an Annikki Hovisaari unique vase hand made from rough textured chamotte clay in the mid-1960s. This more natural aesthetic would become the prevailing style into the 1970s.
Detail showing the intricate make-up of an Annikki Hovisaari glaze. The glaze is mainly cobalt blue but contains fleck of many other blues and greens.
 Annikki Hovisaari square shaped bottle vase made at Arabia factory, Helsinki, Finland. Hovisaari production also includes vases and other decorative items, unique ceramics.
Head on shot showing the neck and spout of a bottle vase design by Annikki Hovisaari for Arabia Finland. The circular spout would have been coil built whereas the body of the art piece is slab built.
Top down image showing a large square shaped bottle vase stood on a wooden table. The blue glazed vase is by Finnish ceramicist Annikki Hovisaari who was born in 1918 in Tampere and died in 2004.
Mood image showing an Annikki Hovisaari vase stood at an angle in natural daylight. The image highlights how the blue cobalt glaze is not entirely shiny or complete mat.
Top down image showing the circular mouth of a square shaped bottle vase designed and made by Annikki Hovisaari at Arabia, Finland. This unique vase can be viewed by appointment at the London based online design gallery Art & Utility.
Detail showing the square geometric form of a slab built bottle vase by leading Finnish ceramicist Annikki Hovisaari who worked for Arabia in Helsinki Finland from 1949 to 1974.
Detail of a square bottle shaped Annikki Hovisaari vase. The clay has intentionally been left with a rough texture which makes the vase appear to have been hewn or carved from a block of stone.
Top down view of a Annikki Hovisaari chamotte clay vase with a bold cobalt blue glaze. Annikki Hovisaari worked at Arabia in Helsinki for over a decade and won many international awards.
Head on shot showing the side of a slim Annikki Hovisaari vase made at the Arabia pottery in Helsinki Finland in the mid-1960s. This unique piece and many other examples of rare Nordic design can be bought online at Art and Utility London.
Detail view of the slim side of a slab built vase by Annikki Hovisaari. The glaze is predominantly cobalt blue but also contains splashes and speckles of azure and lapis.
Detail showing the corner of a square shouldered vase. Where the point is most extreme the beige brown clay underneath breaks through the cobalt blue glaze. This is NOT damage.
Detail of the corner of a pullo maljakko or bottle vase designed by  Annikki Hovisaari. The clay breaks through the blue glaze on the corner.
Detail showing the complex surface structure of a unique Annikki Hovisaari art vase made at Arabia, Finland, in the 1960s.
Image showing the base or underside of a Annikki Hovisaari unique one-off art piece, the hand-made pullo maljakko or bottle vase is inscribed with Annikki Hovisaari's monogram 'AH' and the name of the factory in which it was made, 'Arabia', Helsinki, Finland.
Mood image of a still life featuring three pieces of mid-20th century ceramics. The largest piece that stands centre and is square in shape is by Annikki Hovisaari. The small flying saucer shaped candlestick in the foreground is by Liisa Kaarina Hallamaa Larsen. Whilst the pot far right is a Danish design by Arne Bang.
 Large square Annikki Hovisaari bottle vase or pullo maljakko made at Finland's leading ceramics manufacturer Arabia in the mid-1960s.

Annikki Hovisaari Large Square Bottle Vase

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A large square shaped art vase made by the esteemed Finnish ceramist Annikki Hovisaari circa 1965.

This flask-like vessel is adorned with an ombré cobalt glaze which perfectly showcases Hovisaari’s superior sense of colour. The bold square form is slab-built from coarse chamotte clay, but its rusticity suggests it has been hewn or chiselled, displaying Hovisaari’s experimental & audacious approach to ceramics.

Hovisaari entered the pottery at Arabia, Finland's oldest manufacturer of ceramics, at the age of 30 in 1949. This came after three years of studying ceramics at Helsinki’s Central School of Arts and Crafts (now Aalto University School of Arts and Design) from 1946 to 1949.

To begin with, Hovisaari worked in Arabia’s department of industrial art where she mainly designed decorative items for large scale production alongside a small amount of hand thrown items. However, in 1963 she was able to move to a studio in the art department where, on the 9th floor overlooking water and woods, her main attention could be focused on creating one-off art pieces.

Here, Hovisaari and ‘the [other] Arabia artists could work and create as they will. With the full resources of the factory at their disposal.’[1] In this setting, over the next 11 years, Hovisaari rose to become one of Finland’s most daring & celebrated ceramists.

Hovisaari is considered a connoisseur of glazes and was a skilled maker as well as a talented designer with a unique approach to form.

[1] Ulf Hård af Segerstad, Scandinavian Design (London: Studio Books, 1961) 38.

Designer: Annikki Hovisaari

Manufacturer: Arabia

Year of Design: C. 1965

Dates Produced: C. 1965

Colour: Blue, green, grey, orange, yellow, brown, white

Height: 19.5 cm, Width: 15.5 cm, Depth: 6.5 cm

Condition: Perfect

Branding: Incised with handwritten ‘AH’ monogram for Annikki Hovisaari and ‘Arabia’.