Hello, we are Kurt & Samuel, welcome to Art & Utility, our online collection. We are two design enthusiasts who reside in London. Together, we have curated exhibitions and visited factories, museums, and markets around the world to satisfy our passion for design. Needless to say, quite a few things have been picked up along the way and here we present them to you.

Everything we have collected you may purchase or borrow. However, like The British Museum, Art & Utility is also intended to be a space for recreation, 'for all studious and curious persons'. We strive to be as generous as possible. We will share as much information as we can and offer this website to you, indefinitely.

Our backgrounds

Samuel on Kurt

Kurt studied design history at Sotheby's and has worked in the industry for many years. His move into dealing design came after auditing the Robin & Lucienne Day Collection for The Design Museum. Currently, he manages a gallery, in West London, with a focus on 20th century Nordic design. Whilst furniture is his professional specialism, his first love is glass and ceramics.

Kurt on Samuel

Samuel has worked in fashion for nearly a decade. He is a successful menswear & print designer whose work and art direction are largely informed by design history. Samuel also applies his knowledge of material culture and creative talent to collecting design. His outstanding eye for quality often secures more obscure or undocumented works by leading 20th century designers.